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Here is part of the translated interview with Brian Littrell from Japan magazine In Rock. Apparently the translation is correct. This was from LiveDaily. Feb/Mar 07

-You said you're in studio with bsb. What are you doing right now? Finishing the album?
We'll be finished the recording by the end of Jan. recording here in Nashville will be done by tomorrow and we'll recording 2 more songs in LA. and after that we'll choose which songs will be on the album. We'll have 18 songs by the end of Jan. I'm really excited. the album gonna be a mixed with old bsb, current bsb and the direction we're going in the future. Pop rock, euro dance.. both of them which we had a big success with in 90's. LOL as time goes by, the music has changed and we've changed too. with "millennium" and "Black and Blue" we played big show and that was the important thing for us. we valued dance more. so we had to work out. LOL

-Who are the songwriters of the coming album?

-I know you guys are great songwriters but most songs from the last album were by other songwriters.
Yes, we're writing with other songwriters this time too. songwriters from NY, Cali, Nashville. We're working with Dan. We've been working with 9 songs so far, we'll be recording his song today and tomorrow. We're co-writing. I think this coming album will be the one that we're involved in the most.

-in the beginning, you worked a lot with popsong writers from Sweden like Max Martin. How about this time?

Well... not this time.

-But they wrote you lots of great songs for you?
Yes that's true. We worked with Max every album. to tell the truth, we emailed and called him but no one was able to get in touch with him. we called him but he didn't call us back. I swear to god. he doesn't reply. It's about 2 or 3 months ago, we tried to contact him to ask him if he has any good songs or wants to work with us. However, I think he's great. he's a great songwriter and producer. We have no idea why he doesn't call us back.

-I guess he want to retire as a songwriter?
I don't think so. He's still working on. I think he currently wants to work with solo artists not with group. If he wants to, I'm ok with it. We've learned so many things from him and we now know what we're good at and we're not good at. So I think we'll be fine if we do what we good at LOL

-But i was disappointed in him. He should at least respect the one who made him famous as a songwriter. He became famous after he worked with bsb.
well bsb was not famous before we work with him either. It was very long time ago, he was a substitute. After Dennis Pop passed away because of cancer in 90's, Max substituted him. he's really talented as a songwriter..... I don't know why he doesn't want to work with us. But we enjoyed working with him.