DVD Britney Spears - Time Out With Britney

Interview with Max Martin

Chapter in DVD: My First Album

Spring 1998

So here is the interview (almost word for word) and some description:


Max with long hair

Rami with a cap on, see the side of his face

Britney chatting about music she likes etc Mariah, Whitney, her time in Mickey Mouse club etc

Britney sitting down singing with Rami.

Max sitting with Britney both singing I Will Be There

Rami I think (in the background) starts singing along, singing something funny maybe, because they both laugh

Max: She’s got an excellent voice, it’s like um, it’s actually quite, you know, what I heard in the Backstreet Boys, that they had you know excellent voice with a bit flavour in it, a good sense of catching the melody, performing it, like, taking it to another level, because as a songwriter that’s what you’re looking for. You do a song that sounds good and then if the artist can take that to another level, you know that’s the perfect thing, that’s the perfect situation.

Britney sings a bit of I Will Be There

Max talking to Britney about recording the song, explaining to her something about recording after the break down.

Britney: Max is as nice as he is talented, he is really a great guy, and I’m very thankful to be able to work with him, he’s great. And um yeah, in Sweden, we went there and it was really busy, we went there for 10 days, we got a lot done and it was just great, we just went in there and sang and it felt good.

Max: The way I work is to have good song, you know it always has to be good songs because without that.you can’t do anything. You know like I said about her voice have some flavour in it like straight pop, pop music with some flavour, you know, what we call r’n’b in Sweden what you guys say is pop (laughs).

Britney talks about her style of music – pop, funky, ballads

Max: The album I think is going to be very easy to understand although vocals is gonna be not like, (pause) how you say (pause), technically that’s gonna be great, it’s not like sing a-long easy record, da da da da like that. But the songs are pop, vocals are soul, you know, soulful I think.

Then Britney goes on to describe every song on her first album.


That last paragraph by Max is a bit hard to understand, he pauses a bit, so apologies if I haven't quite got it right..