June 12, 2024

Dakota Johnson: My 70s Fashion Fave

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Dakota Johnson: My 70s Fashion Fave

Dakota Johnson: The Star of Style in 2023

This year, we’ve seen a bunch of stylish celebs rocking the red carpets, from the always cool Rihanna and Dua Lipa to new talents like Ayo Edebiri and Lily Gladstone. But standing out in this chic crowd is Dakota Johnson – my absolute fashion crush of 2023. Let me spill the beans on why her style is off the charts, blending those groovy ’70s vibes with a touch of today’s flair.

Nailing the ’70s Look

In a world where everyone’s going back to the ’70s, making it look fresh isn’t a walk in the park. But Dakota Johnson? She makes it seem like a piece of cake. She’s a pro at mixing classic ’70s stuff – like those bellbottoms and flowy maxi dresses – with a modern twist. Picture this: a day in April, Dakota strutting through the streets of NYC in wide-leg jeans covered in the Gucci monogram. Teamed up with a chill white tee and chunky loafers, it a vibe fit for a fashion queen of today.

Dakota Johnson: My 70s Fashion Fave

Upgrading Boho Vibes

It looks better right away when Dakota Johnson wears a boho dress, which is a standard from the 1970s. Look at this: in September, she wears a white crochet Chloé long dress to a showing of Daddio in Telluride. After a few days, she walks the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival in a flowered Bode dress that is flowy and see-through. These two looks are both cool, casual, and right on trend.

Her Go-To Style: Shades and Gucci

One of the rules that can be found in Dakota Johnson’s style guide is that she should never forget to include the Gucci Jackie purse and the big sunglasses. Whether she is dressed to the nines in a leather suit or is just chilling out in jeans and a t-shirt, these accessories are her secret sauce. These accessories are her secret sauce. Dakota has mastered the art of rocking them like a pro, while simultaneously giving us a full-on appearance that shouts, “I’ve got style for days!”

A Year Packed with Fashion Wins

Let’s zoom in on some of Dakota Johnson’s top looks this year. From strutting on the streets to owning the red carpet, she’s been turning heads and setting a high bar for anyone who loves a good style moment. Dakota Johnson, my style crush of the ’70s, has totally owned the fashion game in 2023. And then, here’s to more jaw-dropping looks and endless fashion inspiration from this rising star!


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